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    I find micro managing 4 characters activities, fighting, hunger, and inventories to be completely overwhelming. As I play I find usually 2 or 3 of my chars idle because they just finished what they were doing. Considering that there is a large variety of items in the game, I find it to be very difficult to keep items needed for certain things straight.

    Suggestions for these problems:

    I think chars should be able to be given general orders (at least for a floor). You, kill all the creatures (on this floor). You, harvest all the plants and water them (on this floor). You, break everything down (on this floor).

    For inventory management, I think there should be a stockpile or crafted storage that items can be placed in. If a character needs items for crafting, you hit craft and the char automatically goes and gets those items. If a char needs water for plants, the char goes and gets water from the stockpile and then goes to water the plants. If a char is hungry, it just goes to the stockpile and grabs enough food to fill to halfway (perhaps).

    If you do not agree with my ideas, I understand. There is a possibility that it is just me unable to effectively control 4 chars simultaneously. However, I doubt I’m alone with this problem.


    I find micro managing 4 characters activities, fighting, hunger, and inventories to be completely overwhelming. As I play I find usually 2 or 3 of my chars idle

    It’s the same for me. I believe tenminer’s ideas are good, but even if that is not what you are intending, then a combination of “select chars by hotkey” and “no scrolling upon char selection” would already go a long way. Generally, I suggest to ramp up the “franticness” more slowly in the actual game.


    I also find that crafting becomes a hassle when each character has different pieces required for a single job. It is more inconvenient than entertaining having someone run several floors to drop off a required part. I agree with the idea of some shared stockpile or the ability of “magic pockets” where items deposited into a storage chest may be accessed by anyone on any floor.
    Also, General commands for each floor or character might be a nice quality of life change. It improves efficiency and reduces time wasted when the days seem to fade fast (not that they should be changed). This could be an optional setting that becomes available with different difficulty settings or that can be toggled by the player. Overall, a really entertaining game, but may become overwhelming.


    Thanks for your input, guys.

    We’ve heard from several different sources that keeping all 4 characters busy at the same time is tedious work. This might be less a problem once we increase the crafting and disassembling times for certain objects – something we intended for the release version, but seemed unfitting for the rather short and faster paced demo. Not sure if this will make for good gameplay though – it’s basically having 2 characters while the other 2 are parked somewhere on some long duration tasks. :/

    We don’t think that we will go for a shared inventory/magic pocket solution. The spatial distance in the building and the logistics to get the resources to the position where they are actually needed is an integral part of the game and by cutting that, we feel that Highrisers would go into a direction we do not desire.

    We are much more positive about greater player automatisation – a general “gather all stuff on this floor”-command, or a designated “storage floor” where all valuable crafting materials collected by the survivors are automatically stored are viable options. (“automatically stored” means that the survivor will go to the storage floor and drop the materials there without the user having to give him each and every single order via mouseclick. However, the survivor would still have to walk the distance; no magical teleportation of items).

    Do you think that’s a good way?


    @shared inventory
    I agree that moving things around between floors and requiring character proximity is a good thing, gameplay wise. However, I would like some sort of loot storage/cache box, to dump a large number/infinite number of things without losing track of them on the floor somewhere or having to shuffle inventory around between characters to make room. (Cargo in the Helicopter maybe? Occasional storage vaults in buildings? Being able to store inventory in a crafting bench until needed?) Not any sort of spacial distance shortcut, just a box to stick things in large quantity in easily. Similar to your storage floor concept, I suppose.

    On the one hand, I wouldn’t mind some sort of “disassemble all” command: just smashing up the contents of a room seems fine to me and it’d eliminate some tedium. On the other, I don’t think I want characters basically on autopilot picking up items and storing them on their own. Also autopiloting disassembly/gathering may make it take longer to learn what object has what bits in it, rather than specifically going for item X because you know it contains part Y.

    @disassembly time
    I think making disassembly take longer would be a very bad thing unless the day/night cycle was also increased significantly. Even without considering the idea of longer disassembly times, I’m already wanting longer days/nights, personally.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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