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    Hey everyone!

    This part of the forum is for your feature suggestions, proposal for improvements, ideas for new items, weapons, mechanics and so forth.

    All your ideas are welcome and greatly appreciated!

    One limitation though:

    In its first iteration, Highrisers will be a pure single player game. While we are keeping multiplayer capabilities in the back of our heads, our primary goal is to release Highrisers as a full single player experience first.
    After that is accomplished, we shall see further…

    So, while we still appreciate ideas regarding multiplayer, they will be put on the heap of ideas “for later”. 😉

    Happy designing!


    First off, great! Glad to see the demo out, congrats!

    Suggestions after a few minutes of play:
    1. Allow fullscreen mode. (Probably already supported, I’d imagine, but I can’t get it to do so?)
    2. Ability to pause the game. (Sometimes I want to step away from a game, or think something over for a bit before acting. FTL’s a good, if more hectic, example of how it should work probably.)

    General feedback:
    At the moment I’m struggling a bit with figuring out what I need to do what; the icons alone aren’t very clear. Maybe some sort of glossary that you can use for quick reference? May not be required, after all, I’ve just been messing around a few minutes.
    Also, not sure if it’s intentional, dreamers seemed pretty irrelevant other than pausing my exploring: If the party just hangs around on the helicopter pad, the dreamers wander up onto the roof but no further, so it just results in twiddling my thumbs for a bit with nothing going on.

    Overall, I’m liking things.


    Allow to choose a character by either left or right clicking her avatar. Assign hotkeys to select characters (maybe 1 to 4?).

    The upmost icon in the skill tree is cut off.

    The espresso machine speaks of aluminum capsules, but the onboard electronics say aluminium.


    Thanks for the feedback so far!

    @fullscreen: The game should open in a 640×480 px window, which you can maximize. A true fullscreen mode (that does not show the window frame) is currently not possible; you will get that for the release version though. However, it’s pretty sure that the black bars on the left and right are going to stay. Hope they don’t disturb too much, but I don’t even recognize them after some minutes of playing.

    @pause: The game progress should pause when you open the skill menu (button on the top right, under the player inventory). But when you refer to FTL, what you have in mind is a turn based strategy game mode? Where you can scroll around, inspect the building, scan the stuff and plan your next steps? Interesting idea. Will discuss that.

    @Glossary: Might come in handy. But maybe the way Don’t starve does it with an external wiki? We shall see.

    @Dreamer AI: Yeah, that whole topic is definitly something we’ll have to dive deeper into. Staying up on the landing platform of course is not an option for the whole game; but if it is a strategy which currently makes barricades unnecessary at night, it is something we’ll have to adress.

    @character hotkeys: Great idea. We already had exactly that keyboard layout in the debug build, but we removed all keyboard shortcuts, as many debug functions were put onto various keys. Will find its way back into the game soon!

    @skill icon cut off: Yep, we know. No easy way to deal with that without changing the whole skilltree; we’ll probably make the skilltree scrollable. Not a perfect solution, but it is the only possible solution anyways if we ever are to add additional skills to the trees.

    @aluminium: Outrageous! 😀

    Thx, guys!


    Yeah, wouldn’t be particularly bothered by black bars; that happens. Maybe the option of stretching the game to eliminate them? For me, it’s more that I don’t like being forced to game in a window, unless I choose to. (and windowed mode is good too, especially if pausing makes it in) Doesn’t matter for beta, though good to hear it’s expected to be in final release. 🙂

    Yeah, pretty much that, ideally. Something you can pause(tap spacebar like FTL? whatever), look around inspect things, give orders, then unpause to have action resume. If that’s not feasible or desirable, simply being able to pause and inspect things that are presently onscreen would be useful, to see what object is what, even if you can’t interact beyond reading things. Even just a non-interactive pause would be good for allowing more sedate/slow-paced gameplay where you can think about things. Or step away from the game without quitting/dying. (Though the skills button seems to cover that last, maybe put a menu of some variety on the escape key, too. I’d imagine that’s already planned for release though.)

    @character hotkeys
    I like this idea too.

    Maybe this is a feature I’ve not noticed yet, but is there a way to swap inventory between characters beyond dumping it on the ground and picking it up again? Getting enough gear together to craft anything is a bit awkward. Maybe let inventory be drag-and-dropped between characters if they’re close to each other?


    @Drag’n Drop item between chars: That is already implemented – at least partially. You can drag an item into an empty(!) slot of another char; then your char will walk to his position and transfer the item to that slot. You cannot use that to add it to stacks though (which would totally make sense and is already on our to do list)

    Also, this transfer feature is sometimes still a bit buggy; at least visually. And I think once, I somehow duplicated the fire axe, although I don’t know how I did it. Hopefully we will fix that before any of you finds out… 😉


    Ahh, the not adding to stacks was what was catching me up with the drag and drop. Makes sense.


    Just to throw my opinion out there, I totally agree with the character hot keys and would love the implementation of a streamlined inventory management system, with the transferring of items and possibly making it easier to differentiate items on the ground from each other in terms of name and picking them up.


    Pressing 1 – 4 to select characters is a good idea. Makes the game a lot easier to manage rather than having to select each characters icon.

    Up and Down arrow keys (or W/S) to scroll the screen up and down as well as the mouse being a the edge of the top and bottom of the screen to scroll.

    Custom key bindings would also be useful both to show what keys do what by default and to let people make keys do other things.

    A quick tutorial would also be good. Maybe in the form of “place all 4 characters are is unsafe, here is how to do some things” and then let those things allow you to get to the start of the game.

    Feeding in to the tutorial idea just above, at least for the first level or two being able to mark useful resources for the chopper and barriers so that you know what is useful for those particular things

    Easier way to tell what items are what. Found myself not knowing what sprites were until I picked them up. Would make things difficult for new players.

    Easier way to transfer items. Found myself with characters with full inventories. A verbal message or text fade in – fade out message that mentions that another character has space for that item would be good.

    A clock or bar, etc that shows what time of day it is and how long until night so that you know when the hostiles will start their assault would be useful.

    An option to go full screen is always good.

    Volume options as well as at least brightness/gamma options and the ability to save/pause/reload is good.


    Man barricades with more than 1 man
    Last time I played I quickly ran to the work bench and crafted not one spear, but two. Little did I know, however, that I could man the barricade with no more than one survivor! I was not a happy camper. I really expected I could put more than 1 person on the barricade and I do not see a reason why that should not be possible. Please consider.


    Hey there!

    I was able to check on some of the things you proposed and here are replies:

    @Fullscreen mode: Actually, it is possible. Will put it in the next update.

    @Easier item arrangement: Currently working on that!

    @Defend barricade with more than one player: At the moment, only one player can be assigned to defend the barricade. There was a plan to allow a second player to join the battle from the combat platform (a module you can buildfor the larger barricade).
    We didn’t get the necessary mechanics finished in time, so we simply had the combat platform increase attack and defense values of the barricade.
    What you suggest, as I understand it, is several player simply defending the main barricade without any updates, correct?
    At first, we dismissed this idea, mainly due to spacing issues – it would be pretty crowded behind the gates and we had to make sure that both spears can penetrate the barricade at the correct position.
    (Something which does not work perfectly at the moment either)
    But then, we looked at our design goals, and a heated barricade defense battle was always among the top priorities.
    Keeping 3 out of 4 characters out of the battle by not allowing them to defend the barricade does not seem like a smart move in order to achieve that.

    We’re not 100% sure how we will deal with that, but I think that making 2 defensive slots available for the first two barricades does make sense. Using 3 or even all 4 chars might be a bit too much, as they visually all occupy the same space.
    Also, the defense works pretty much without player feedback required, so putting all 4 in defenstive stance at the beginning of the night doesn’t make for the most interesting gameplay either. But we will introduce other options to join the battle, like thrown grenades and molotov cocktails, which can be hauled over the barricades without the need to be in the defensive position.


    First of all, love the demo!

    I noticed after playing a longer time in the game that food becomes a first priority and thus early investment in gardening is needed. Especially in the first demo-version, I was continuously spending time (attention of queuing) and man-power filling up the water barrels, transporting them to the plants, and back again. This is obviously part of the early-in-game-struggles, but in the long run I would want to divert my attention to more pressing matters, such as overall development and going to lower floors!

    Long story short, I would suggest some unlock-able research or ‘lots of work but worth it on the long-run’ kind of pipeline/watering system that we are able to build. Maybe this could be exploited with some existing fire-sprinkler system. (now that I think about it this would also add up with some fire-safety if this ever would become a future feature)
    Though I’m not sure if we’re supposed to attain this level of sustainability in the long run =P


    Hey Goose!

    Thanks very much for your feedback!
    And both automated irrigation systems and fire spreading mechanics were on our To-Do list for the future; so we’re glad that we thought in the right direction. However, a fire suppression sprinkler system (both as a precaution or as a source for parts & water) is something we haven’t considered yet… Will put that on the brain storm list.

    Generally, we will take another look at the pacing and timing of the game after the demo, so expect some changes here.
    The idea that you can automate some processes (like watering the plants, like you suggested) is a path we always wanted to go.
    This does require a “scarcity of workforce” – something which we do not have in the game yet. At least not really; most of the time, at least two of your survivors will be idling. We feel that this can be adressed by several alterations that already came up in the discussion here a bit:

    • Longer crafting/disassembling times
    • More automation for the survivors; let them be productive without having to babysit them through every small task
    • Maybe some stamina mechanic for the players so they need to rest after a while of working, so they take shifts?
    • Cooperation mechanics. At the moment, the skills (and thus the skill requirements) are deactivated. Later in the game, certain items can only be crafted when the crafters have the required skills unlocked. And if certain items require skills from different skill trees, two survivors might need to work on an item together in order to get the job done

    All those things make the workforce of the survivors more valuable und would suggest the constuction of automation of repetitive tasks. It would also give value to skills that – as a side effect – speed up certain processes. At the moment, a reduction of furniture disasembly time by 50% would be nothing to write home about. But if your workforce is direly needed everywhere, we suddenly have a different story!

    Let us know what you think about this!



    What goal does introducing stamina serve? I don’t feel that the player characters need to be slowed down, and managing who’s tired or not I could see quickly getting frustrating.


    I do like the idea of being able to take over a building’s sprinklers for irrigation (and if fire ever matters, fire suppression) systems. Automation on watering plants would do a lot.



    The idea with stamina would be to alleviate the problem that you basically can play the whole game with one or two survivors instead of all four. Also, it might help to counter the “over-specialization problem”, where one player is always fighting at the front while one is forced to plant watering service.
    Basically, after a while of fighting or carrying heavy equipment, the survivor gets tired and can’t perform those heavy duties efficiently any more and you have to switch through and use another one on the front line.
    It also opens up a new game design space for playing with this stamina attribute (enemies draining that stamina; items that replenish it; etc.)

    But I also see your point of adding another layer of management, which might make the whole thing more bulky rather than more elegant. I’m not sure about it; maybe we gotta test it.

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