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    Gentlemen! Ladies! Fellow undead from beyond the veil!

    We have just released demo version 0.3.9, which contains the following changes:

    • Don’t Starve: We have decreased hunger meter depletion time (from losing one point every 7 to every 10 seconds), there is a bit more food to be found and the plants require a bit less water.
    • Barricade Defense: There is a spear to be found where you need one the most.
    • The night is dark and full of terrors:But during the first nights, there will be less dreamers;
      however, their numbers will increase with each passing night.
    • Item stack management: Items can now be dragged to stacks of the same type, making inventory management much less of a hassle.
    • Crafting abortion: Used materials are now returned to the player’s inventory when the crafting process is aborted by user command.
    • Bugfix – lingering interactions: Several bugs, which where caused by lingering target interactions and caused the game to crash have been fixed.
    • Bugfix – multiple disassembly: Several bugs, which where caused by lingering target interactions and caused the game to crash or freeze have been fixed.
    • Bugfix – skill menu button: When clicking on the skill menu button, the click was propagated to a possible game object below the button, causing trouble.
    • Bugfix – machete crafting crash: A missing crafting sound of the machete caused the game to crash on some machines.
    • Fullscreen: The game starts in Fullscreen mode. You can press Esc to leave fullscreen mode and press enter to go back into fullscreen mode.

    In addition, various small bug fixes and balancing changes were added.
    To install the new version, just download the .zip-file as usual. You can simply delete the previous version.


    Is the metal casing needed for crafting tables going to be included in this update? Or is it already somewhere in the demo?


    Hey rvernon22,

    no, the metal casings can neither be found nor built in the demo. So, why can they be seen as a requirement in the crafting menu then?

    Allow me explain this: The respective modules for the workbench were already implemented and working – kind of. They did cause some bugs in some places and we didn’t have a solution for some issues connected to the larger space requirement of the updated workbench. It was tempting to fix this stuff so it would fit into the demo; but with that argument, we could have delayed the demo release forever, as there was always just one more cool feature to squeeze in that was “already nearly completed and only needed just a little more work”.

    Well, you get the idea. So, we simply decided to kick them out for now, but we left the crafting recipes in, kind of like a mouth-watering teaser of cool stuff that will be in the final game. Just like the skill menu. We could have simply removed the skill menu button; but we felt that previewing the large skill trees was much more interesting.

    Hope you’re not too disappointed. But it will all be in the full version!


    Not disappointed! Just glad I know not to throw my poor characters into a hopeless struggle in the lower levels looking for something that doesn’t exist, haha. Looking forward to the next demo release!


    Had it lock up on me. I was quickly switching through the characters to have them all move to one spot. One character was in the middle of something so it tried moving to her to show the cancel “X” but I had switched to another character so it got stuck because it was on one character but trying to ask to cancel the actions of another.


    Ok, I had some time to test the new version.

    @Spear: thanks! That helped me survive the first night (for the first time ^^).

    @Fullscreen: Also nice, was annoying.

    I’ve to admit that I’m still a bit overwhelmed at start. So here are some points from me:

    Crafting availability: I’ve hard time to see what I can actually craft at the stations. Most of the times, I click through every menue and see what I can craft at all. Would be nice if items I can actually craft are highlighted somehow (or those I can’t craft are greyed out).

    Game Speed: I wish I could slow down the game or speed it up. That would help to micro manage the different characters.

    Time of day: Can I see somewhere what’s the time of the day? In nights I always wonder how long I have to fight the zombies. At dawn, I wonder how much time I have until they attack.


    @Crafting Availability
    Agree, this is a good idea. Highlight or grey out the icons for crafting, for the categories and the specific items, if you have the gear for it.


    @rvernon22: Okay, I think we were able to reproduce that. It happens when you send player A to a target where the interaction bubbles would appear (as in your example the “abort”-interaction), and while the camera centers on that player, you change the active player via the keys. We will see how we can fix that. In the meantime, you should be able to prevent it by waiting for the camera to center on the target object before selecting a new player. Not the best solution, I know, as we introduced the shortcuts with fast playing in mind… But well.

    @crafting availability: That’s a good idea, although I fear that it won’t solve all the difficulties of the crafting menu:

    • In the beginning, you won’t have enough resources to craft anything, so smply everything will be greyed out.
    • I have observed some players who don’t get that there are several tabs on the left to select from or they don’t get that sometimes, the list of items to craft is scrollable. Whenever players don’t intuitively grasp our UI-design, I tend to question it, and the scrollable list could be clarified by a scrollbar instead of the arrows. But for the tab, I couldn’t think of much to improve, to be honest. Maybe people are not used to tabs on the side instead of tabs on the top?
    • There’s quite a lot to craft. People tend to get a bit overwhelmed in the beginning. But the amount of stuff you can craft in Highrisers is not up to discussion – on the contrary: it will become a lot more! And not showing crafting options that you have not yet unlocked at all will hinder players in their strategic planning.

    We don’t have a single silver-bullet-solution for that topic at the moment; but greying stuff out will surely help a little.
    In general, I tend towards the notion that being able to craft a shitload of stuff is part of the intrinsic complexity of Highrisers, and that this cannot be smoothed away without altering the game at its core.
    It works for Don’t Starve, too – although there you have an ever-present crafting menu on the side and get notifications whenever new recipes are unlocked when you pick up new items…

    Would be happy to hear your opinion about that!


    Just to clarify, “greying out” isn’t the same as “hiding”. It’s just fading the normal menu icon, so it’s visually different and less pronounced. It still remains visible. You can even have it remain clickable. It’s just a hint to the player that they can’t do anything with the menu item at this time.

    I think people not noticing tabs, when they’re obvious icons on the left side, is more their problem than the game’s. No one I’ve shown Highrisers to has had difficulty with that particular design aspect, FWIW. Usually an early comment is “we can make guns?”

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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