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    We’ve been reading attentively through your comments and feedback and have now provided an update to version 0.3.7:

    • Player Reviving: Fixed the bug with downed characters dying over and over again, which also was the cause for characters that died of starvation to be resilient to any attempt of revival, as well as for the immortal survivors with zero health.
    • Stronger Barricades: Drastically increased barricade HP, the HP bonus granted by barricade upgrades and the barricade repair speed.
    • Stronger Barricades II:The first barricade on floor 32 now already starts at Lv 2.
    • Character Selection: Keys 1-4 are now shortcuts to select survivors 1-4 without scrolling to their position. Pressing the key assosciated with a survivor while he is already selected will scroll the camera to his position. Basically, you can quick-select and scroll by double-pressing the respective key.
    • Character Selection II:Clicking on the inventory field of a survivor will now select him without scrolling the camera to his position. Clicking specifically on the portrait in the inventory tab will also scroll the camera there, too.
    • Auto Defense: Survivors equipped with a melee weapon that are attacked while not doing anything (crafting, repairing, disassembling, moving, etc.) will automatically engage the attacker.
    • Barricade Tooltip: Barricades now have a tooltip showing their current hitpoints.
    • Tooltip update: Tooltips now update themselves while visible. That way you can see how barricades lose or gain hitpoint or how water jugs fill up over time.
    • Fixed Crafting Bug: There was a bug where the crafting on a workbench or barricade continued when the crafting player died. Crafting is now aborted.
    • Fixed Downed Player Inventory Drag: When a player is down, his inventory is no longer a valid drag target.
    • Fixed weapon removal bug: When a weapon was dragged from a player’s hand item slot while he was attacking, the game crashed.
    • Fixed weaponslot change bug: When a weapon was moved from the hand item slot to a normal inventory slot, the game didn’t notice it as unequipped and you could continue to attack with it.

    Simply go to the same download page as before – the link will now download version 0.3.8.
    You can delete the old folder with all its content.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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