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    Hey everyone,

    we’re looking for ways to make the crafting menu a bit more intuitive.

    The current crafting menu.

    Any suggestions?
    This is what we have at the moment:

    • Grey out unavailable recipes in the left column
    • Exchange the arrows in the left column with a scroll bar
    • Make a distinction between category tabs (those buttons on the very left) which you have currently not selected and those where there is currently no content at all

    Ok, here are some proposals for improving the UI:

    – grey out unavailable icons
    – highlight better if scrolling is available
    – optionally add a page indicator if it is still not clear enough
    – mark new craftable things as “new”. (not sure if this is really needed. Haven’t unlocked a new thing yet or never noticed ^^)
    – group similar category tabs together, so it’s more clear that they are crafting similar stuff (i.e. weapons, barricade improvements, tools,…)

    Edit: Hmpf… can’t add images and dropbox doesn’t like to share a preview, so I added a direct link. Sorry for that. Not sure if you would like if I add pics to imgur or similar pages.


    Most of your suggestions have been implemented in the soon-to-be-released version 0.4.0!

    The scroll bar will take some more time, but we changed the color of the scroll arrow buttons to make it clearer when there is something to scroll and when not.

    Thanks for the input!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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