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    Here a list of some features which would make may play experience a lot smoother. Maybe I’m too much of a casual player, so fell free to discuss and expand.

    1. Auto-attack: A char should automatically fight back when equipped with a weapon, at least when idling. Also, when I attack a dreamer, and other dreamers join the fight, the char should automatically fight the next target instead of stopping once the dreamer I clicked on is dead. This is important because attacking dreamers stand closely together, and due to the long dying animation I find it very hard to select the dreamer standing right behind the dying one. So the other one can hit me several times before I can even start to fight back.
    2. No automatic scrolling when selecting a char: I usually select another char in order to send him some place I am just looking at, maybe on floor 20 (maybe my active char’s inventory is full). Then the screen scrolls all the way up to where the new char is, maybe floor 30, and I have to scroll all the way down again before I can click. Which annoys me a ton.
    3. Smaller interactive area for helicopter: I am sending my chars up to the helipad in order to get them out of danger, but I pretty much every time interact with the helicopter because the “click zone” is so large. Please decrease.
    4. to be continued

    Short answers:
    1. Auto-attack: Is planned; at least for all wepaons that do not consume ammo. It might not be in the players interest that all valueable shotgun rounds are wasted on a single dreamer that just stalked by.
    2. Auto-Scrolling: Our original implementation was that selecting a chars inventory, he would just be selected without scrolling there; and only by clicking on his portrait in his inventory, the camera scrolls to him. We might get back to that.
    3. Click Zones: We’re currently using the bounding boxes instead of pixel perfect mouse over checks, due to performance reasons, but that might no longer be necessary. The helipad is not really intended as a safe zone, so this particular issue seems not so pressing to me, but we had other situations where inaccurate click zones can be terribly annoying:

    • Jes died once between the posts of my barricade. Since the baaricade has hover priority over the char, I could not select her and had to allow the zombies to destroy the barricade in order to get to her
    • Plant are currently notorious for having a far too large click area which often makes it impossible to click other plants or items behind them. Will get fixed.
    1. Time acceleration: Not so sure about this yet, but as I don’t have anything to do during the first nights I’d like to speed up time so I can get back to playing soon.

    @automatic scrolling
    This might be worthy of some sort of option or control enhancement, as it’s still useful to scroll to a newly selected character to remind yourself where they are and what they were up to; checking their floor and manually scrolling there is slower, so it’s hard to say which would be desirable in all cases. Both behaviors have merit imo.


    Aborting tasks: Currently I need to abort tasks like disassembly or crafting using the X-button which appears when I click somewhere else with the char selected. Mostly, my reason for aborting a task is because of threat by dreamer, and in those frantic moments it really annoys me lots having to press X first. I understand that you do not want to immediately abort a task, which probably would be annoying as well. Maybe you could have both if you’d change the move order generally from single to double click. Then you could remove the X-button and still click around without chars accidentally aborting their task.


    Clocks for water replenishment/plant growth: I’d love to have timers/clocks for all the things in the game that have some form of replenishment, such as water, gas and plant growth. The timers should be displayed without me having to mouseover.


    @Aborting tasks: Yes, I’m most of the time wondering why the game stops suddenly, showing the abort menue. I’d like to deselect the character if he’s doing something right now

    Selecting characters by clicking: When I hover with my mouse over a character, he is highlighted, but when clicking him, my current character is running towards him. That feels… wrong. Left click is mostly used for selecting. Right mouse buttons seems not to be used currently, but would make sense to use for action. Left MB: select. Right MB: action/move.

    Taking all items out of container: I’m opening a container (large fridge) and there are 5-8 items in it. Very small items… So I try to pick them up, but it’s tedious. Please add a “take all items” to the context menue. If picking up items take time for the player is by design, let it take some time to grab automatically everything and in a default order (from top to down maybe), so it is better to do it manually, but you still have the possibility to do it automatically.

    Item stacking: Maybe a bug? I tried to stack some screws together, but they had to be in two different spaces (one 8, second 22). Please make sure they can always be stacked together or at least make equal sized chunks.


    Stash repair material in helicopter
    One needs several components to repair the heli, but I need to have all of the items for 1 “recipe” in my inventory before I can start the repair process. I would find it convenient if I could drop/stash items for the repair in the heli itself, meaning if I go there and click on it all respective items are automatically transferred to the heli and stored there. That way my inventory would be free again.

    Make barricade open/close instantly
    I don’t see any point in the time it takes for the barricade to open and close. I would prefer it to open/close instantly.


    Aborting Crafting
    Misclicked while crafting a barricade upgrade just as I’d started it. It cancelled. And the inventory items I was using to craft the upgrade disappeared. Would be nice if they went back into inventory if there was room, or just dumped onto the ground around the barricade at least. Probably affects more crafting than just barricades.


    @Aborting Crafting: Yes, we totally agree; resources should be returned upon aborting.

    @Aborting Actions without cancel button: However, exactly stories like that make me reluctant to have actions canceled without confirmation. We had that earlier, and it was a pain in the a**. I see that there is a need for improvement, but I don’t think that removing the confirmation button is the right way. Maybe the suggestion of splitting commands onto left/right mouse button is the right way? I expect this to male for a much cleaner control scheme and thereby reducing the undesired “misplaced clicks” which bring up the cancel button.


    Having separate move/select-interact buttons might make sense, yeah… Or some other scheme.


    Had an idea:
    Off-screen progress bars
    It would be nice to have progress bars showing crafting/disassembly/etc progress(exactly the same as the existing progress bars that show up around where a character is making an action.) on the profile panel at the top of the screen, so you can watch the progress of characters when they’re off screen. This would be in addition to the already-existing progress bars, just so you can see progress while the character you’re wanting to check on isn’t onscreen, without having to scroll to them. Or maybe just a “busy/not busy” icon, if that’s easier to fit into the existing UI.


    check out the preview of version 0.4.0, which contains several of the suggestions you’ve brought up.
    Thank you very much for your valuable input!

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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