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    Hi everyone,

    this thread should be used to report all bugs, glitches and crashes that you encounter during the play of the alpha demo ver.0.3.7.

    We did our best to root out all bugs before we released the demo to you, but we must accept the fact that it’s still an alpha version after all, so quite some bugs might have slipped our vigilant eyes.

    So: Apologies to everyone whose enjoyment was dulled by a crash – but you can help us with your report to identify and fix the cause of the bug!

    The following informations are of great value to us:

    The error message
    If there was an error message, what was the text and the error code?
    Example: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or a method of a null object reference.

    Description of the process
    What did you do? What action caused the error?
    Example: I clicked on the small cardboard box on floor 17 on the left to open it; my survivor walked there, but as soon as it arrived, the game froze.
    I could still move the mouse and the music kept on playing, but nothing else moved and my mouse clicks where ignored.

    You can also attach screenshots.
    Thank you for your help

    -Solar Powered Games


    Cannot take items out of downed chars inventory

    This is probably by design, but I feel it’s a defect nonetheless: I can pass items from char to char by dragging and dropping them from one inventory to the other, something I do a lot with food items. I can also pass items to a downed char, however, I cannot get it back from there (at least I did not find a way). So it’s effectively lost for me.

    I suggest keeping the behaviour consistent: Either allow taking items from a downed char or do not allow giving sth. from them. Personally, I’d prefer to be able to take stuff out of downed chars inventory.


    Oh, interesting! We desinged it so that chars that go down drop their whole inventory to avoid this situation, but we didn’t consider that you could add stuff after they went down. Good catch. We’ll block that.

    Those items aren’t completely lost, though – you can help up a downed character by sending another character to him. It will take 10 seconds or so, but he will help him back up with a minimum amount of health.

    Maybe that “helping up interaction” is not obvious?


    That’s good to know, I never noticed! Will try this.


    Had Ike starve to death, followed by Mo and Anne; not sure which order other than Ike was first. All were on the helicopter pad. Ike would then replay his death sound/animation each time someone else died. Then the others would start to do it as well. Had Ike or Jes selected as the current character while this was happening.
    Eventually, Jes stood there(she could still be fully controlled), immortal, despite also starving, while Ike, Anne and Mo kept playing their death animations/sounds every few seconds.

    (Jes could still be killed by Sleepers, and did do a game over at that point.)


    When you go to the level up menu to pause the game, or change windows to do the same, the “searching/looting/disassembling” rustling sound loop continues to play on repeat, if you do it while doing one of those activities.


    The constant re-dying thing seems to happen if people starve, in general. Just had Mo do it on his own.


    Cannot revive starved char
    There seems to be no way to revive a starved char. I can interact with the body alright, but he seems to instantly die again before I can feed him. Suggestion: Change starvation so that it doesn not kill a char, but only reduces his health to a minimum amount, or maybe introduce some “downed” state where the char can only slowly crawl, but still interact with his inventory etc.

    Cannot repair barricade
    When I click the repair-barricade button, the progress bar does not move. It seems impossible to repair a barricade.


    I kinda feel a downed state would be good as well, rather than starving to death, though starving to death also lends an immediacy to needing to secure food and water, which is a good thing I think. Wouldn’t be good if you could just ignore it without any real consequences.

    I do think people starve pretty fast though.


    Many times while playing the game it would freeze after I have given every character something to disassemble. For example, I had Mo breaking a couch, then Jes and Ann scrapping chairs, and when I made Ike break down a box, the game would freeze. Occasionally, the sounds would still play but I was unable to interact with the characters or move the screen. I too have experienced the repeated death animations with every character, and reviving characters that have starved is near impossible as they will re-enter the dying animation upon revival.
    When I wasn’t experiencing any bugs though the game is very enjoyable! I hope it progresses smoothly.


    Fight with spear doesn’t work when not at the barricade
    My survivor did not fight although armed with a spear. When he was manning the barricade, however, fighting worked fine.


    Hey there!

    We think we have a fix for all the issues related to downed characters, such as showing the dying animation over and over; characters being unable to be revived and the immortal zero health players.

    The freezes of the game are a more mysterious thing, as they only seem to happen occasionally and we still don’t have a real handle on how to reproduce them. We’ll stay on it, though!

    The barricade repair issue seems to be a combination of two unfortunate settings: The repairs only work very slow, while the progress bar and the health bar of the barricade overlap, thus preventing the small progress in repairs from becoming visible.
    We decided we don’t need a progress bar for repairs (the health bar already shows the progress) and we greatly increased the repair speed. Let’s see if this fixes the issue.

    The spear issue also hasn’t been heard of until now; was it only with a specific player? Was the player confirming the attack order and was he moving into combat range, maybe even showing the attack animation, or was he completely ignoring the command at all? Was he showing the “I’m unarmed”-response when ordered to attack? Any details would be useful.

    Many thanks!

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