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    Hey everyone,

    while finding out what to do and how to solve the problems and overcome the challenges is an integral part of the fun, some of you might be grateful for a little assistance.
    So, we decided to note down some tips that might help you in your quest for survival:

    1. You should try and get a weapon soon! Look out for the fire axe, or go down to the first workbench to craft something. It looks like this:
    A spiked club is a simple, yet effective wepaon. If you are planning on defending your barricade, you’ll need a spear or a ranged weapon though. It is strongly recommended to attack dreamers in a tag-team of two armed players!

    2. Your primary objective is repairing the helicopter. Check what parts you need in order to conduct the repairs and always keep an eye out for the materials needed.

    3. In the demo, barricades cannot be built freely and once they’re destroyed, they’re gone for good! Although the game can be played without them, it is a good idea to keep them repaired and manned during the night. Dreamers will not attack opened barricades. Most upgrades of the barricade will make it more sturdy, but some upgrades (like barbed wire) will cause damage to the attacker each time he hits. Very useful!

    4. Plants will provide food for as long as their soil is kept moist. hover over the plant to see how much water is left in the container. Keep the moisture level from dropping to zero; otherwise the plants will wither. Large troughs have a higher water storage capacity than small pots, but all plants will “drink” from that storage.

    5. Some weapons only show their full potential when used against densely packed groups of dreamers. Attract their attention and lure them into the formations you need them.

    6. No matter how many dreamers you kill – there will always be more. It is a useless endeavour to cleanse the whole building of dreamers, although it makes sense to make a dreamer-free zone in the upper levels so you can craft and research undisturbed. On the lower levels, it is more promising to temporarily clean one floor on which you have business – be it by eradicating all dreamers there or by using one player to lure the crowd away and another one to loot what you are seeking for.

    Good luck – may there always be another dawn for you!


    I see. Please make this one sticky?! 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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