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Hey Goose!

Thanks very much for your feedback!
And both automated irrigation systems and fire spreading mechanics were on our To-Do list for the future; so we’re glad that we thought in the right direction. However, a fire suppression sprinkler system (both as a precaution or as a source for parts & water) is something we haven’t considered yet… Will put that on the brain storm list.

Generally, we will take another look at the pacing and timing of the game after the demo, so expect some changes here.
The idea that you can automate some processes (like watering the plants, like you suggested) is a path we always wanted to go.
This does require a “scarcity of workforce” – something which we do not have in the game yet. At least not really; most of the time, at least two of your survivors will be idling. We feel that this can be adressed by several alterations that already came up in the discussion here a bit:

  • Longer crafting/disassembling times
  • More automation for the survivors; let them be productive without having to babysit them through every small task
  • Maybe some stamina mechanic for the players so they need to rest after a while of working, so they take shifts?
  • Cooperation mechanics. At the moment, the skills (and thus the skill requirements) are deactivated. Later in the game, certain items can only be crafted when the crafters have the required skills unlocked. And if certain items require skills from different skill trees, two survivors might need to work on an item together in order to get the job done

All those things make the workforce of the survivors more valuable und would suggest the constuction of automation of repetitive tasks. It would also give value to skills that – as a side effect – speed up certain processes. At the moment, a reduction of furniture disasembly time by 50% would be nothing to write home about. But if your workforce is direly needed everywhere, we suddenly have a different story!

Let us know what you think about this!