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First of all, love the demo!

I noticed after playing a longer time in the game that food becomes a first priority and thus early investment in gardening is needed. Especially in the first demo-version, I was continuously spending time (attention of queuing) and man-power filling up the water barrels, transporting them to the plants, and back again. This is obviously part of the early-in-game-struggles, but in the long run I would want to divert my attention to more pressing matters, such as overall development and going to lower floors!

Long story short, I would suggest some unlock-able research or ‘lots of work but worth it on the long-run’ kind of pipeline/watering system that we are able to build. Maybe this could be exploited with some existing fire-sprinkler system. (now that I think about it this would also add up with some fire-safety if this ever would become a future feature)
Though I’m not sure if we’re supposed to attain this level of sustainability in the long run =P