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Hey there!

Yes, there is news. We are currently changing our code base from flash to C++.
This sounds like a big step, but since we programmed Highrisers in Haxe, which is a cross-platform toolkit, the transition should theoretically go with just a few mouse clicks.

Of course it is never soo easy, but we’ve already fixed most of the bugs that were introduced through this transition.

The change itsself became necessary as the death bells of flash, which have been ringing for years now, could no longer be overheard. The technology was abandoned everywhere. For you, this means at least 50% faster builds, which are also more stable. We have the opportunity to utilize more graphical features and C++ is also a perfect base for an itegration with the steamworks SDK (which is needed to put your game on steam).

Not sure if we will be able to provide the 4.0 demo version already via steam (is this even desired by you guys? Let us know in the comments!), but we will keep you updated on any progress here in any case.