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Ok, I had some time to test the new version.

@Spear: thanks! That helped me survive the first night (for the first time ^^).

@Fullscreen: Also nice, was annoying.

I’ve to admit that I’m still a bit overwhelmed at start. So here are some points from me:

Crafting availability: I’ve hard time to see what I can actually craft at the stations. Most of the times, I click through every menue and see what I can craft at all. Would be nice if items I can actually craft are highlighted somehow (or those I can’t craft are greyed out).

Game Speed: I wish I could slow down the game or speed it up. That would help to micro manage the different characters.

Time of day: Can I see somewhere what’s the time of the day? In nights I always wonder how long I have to fight the zombies. At dawn, I wonder how much time I have until they attack.