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@shared inventory
I agree that moving things around between floors and requiring character proximity is a good thing, gameplay wise. However, I would like some sort of loot storage/cache box, to dump a large number/infinite number of things without losing track of them on the floor somewhere or having to shuffle inventory around between characters to make room. (Cargo in the Helicopter maybe? Occasional storage vaults in buildings? Being able to store inventory in a crafting bench until needed?) Not any sort of spacial distance shortcut, just a box to stick things in large quantity in easily. Similar to your storage floor concept, I suppose.

On the one hand, I wouldn’t mind some sort of “disassemble all” command: just smashing up the contents of a room seems fine to me and it’d eliminate some tedium. On the other, I don’t think I want characters basically on autopilot picking up items and storing them on their own. Also autopiloting disassembly/gathering may make it take longer to learn what object has what bits in it, rather than specifically going for item X because you know it contains part Y.

@disassembly time
I think making disassembly take longer would be a very bad thing unless the day/night cycle was also increased significantly. Even without considering the idea of longer disassembly times, I’m already wanting longer days/nights, personally.