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Thanks for your input, guys.

We’ve heard from several different sources that keeping all 4 characters busy at the same time is tedious work. This might be less a problem once we increase the crafting and disassembling times for certain objects – something we intended for the release version, but seemed unfitting for the rather short and faster paced demo. Not sure if this will make for good gameplay though – it’s basically having 2 characters while the other 2 are parked somewhere on some long duration tasks. :/

We don’t think that we will go for a shared inventory/magic pocket solution. The spatial distance in the building and the logistics to get the resources to the position where they are actually needed is an integral part of the game and by cutting that, we feel that Highrisers would go into a direction we do not desire.

We are much more positive about greater player automatisation – a general “gather all stuff on this floor”-command, or a designated “storage floor” where all valuable crafting materials collected by the survivors are automatically stored are viable options. (“automatically stored” means that the survivor will go to the storage floor and drop the materials there without the user having to give him each and every single order via mouseclick. However, the survivor would still have to walk the distance; no magical teleportation of items).

Do you think that’s a good way?