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Hey rvernon22,

no, the metal casings can neither be found nor built in the demo. So, why can they be seen as a requirement in the crafting menu then?

Allow me explain this: The respective modules for the workbench were already implemented and working – kind of. They did cause some bugs in some places and we didn’t have a solution for some issues connected to the larger space requirement of the updated workbench. It was tempting to fix this stuff so it would fit into the demo; but with that argument, we could have delayed the demo release forever, as there was always just one more cool feature to squeeze in that was “already nearly completed and only needed just a little more work”.

Well, you get the idea. So, we simply decided to kick them out for now, but we left the crafting recipes in, kind of like a mouth-watering teaser of cool stuff that will be in the final game. Just like the skill menu. We could have simply removed the skill menu button; but we felt that previewing the large skill trees was much more interesting.

Hope you’re not too disappointed. But it will all be in the full version!