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Hey there!

I was able to check on some of the things you proposed and here are replies:

@Fullscreen mode: Actually, it is possible. Will put it in the next update.

@Easier item arrangement: Currently working on that!

@Defend barricade with more than one player: At the moment, only one player can be assigned to defend the barricade. There was a plan to allow a second player to join the battle from the combat platform (a module you can buildfor the larger barricade).
We didn’t get the necessary mechanics finished in time, so we simply had the combat platform increase attack and defense values of the barricade.
What you suggest, as I understand it, is several player simply defending the main barricade without any updates, correct?
At first, we dismissed this idea, mainly due to spacing issues – it would be pretty crowded behind the gates and we had to make sure that both spears can penetrate the barricade at the correct position.
(Something which does not work perfectly at the moment either)
But then, we looked at our design goals, and a heated barricade defense battle was always among the top priorities.
Keeping 3 out of 4 characters out of the battle by not allowing them to defend the barricade does not seem like a smart move in order to achieve that.

We’re not 100% sure how we will deal with that, but I think that making 2 defensive slots available for the first two barricades does make sense. Using 3 or even all 4 chars might be a bit too much, as they visually all occupy the same space.
Also, the defense works pretty much without player feedback required, so putting all 4 in defenstive stance at the beginning of the night doesn’t make for the most interesting gameplay either. But we will introduce other options to join the battle, like thrown grenades and molotov cocktails, which can be hauled over the barricades without the need to be in the defensive position.