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@Aborting tasks: Yes, I’m most of the time wondering why the game stops suddenly, showing the abort menue. I’d like to deselect the character if he’s doing something right now

Selecting characters by clicking: When I hover with my mouse over a character, he is highlighted, but when clicking him, my current character is running towards him. That feels… wrong. Left click is mostly used for selecting. Right mouse buttons seems not to be used currently, but would make sense to use for action. Left MB: select. Right MB: action/move.

Taking all items out of container: I’m opening a container (large fridge) and there are 5-8 items in it. Very small items… So I try to pick them up, but it’s tedious. Please add a “take all items” to the context menue. If picking up items take time for the player is by design, let it take some time to grab automatically everything and in a default order (from top to down maybe), so it is better to do it manually, but you still have the possibility to do it automatically.

Item stacking: Maybe a bug? I tried to stack some screws together, but they had to be in two different spaces (one 8, second 22). Please make sure they can always be stacked together or at least make equal sized chunks.