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Hey there!

We think we have a fix for all the issues related to downed characters, such as showing the dying animation over and over; characters being unable to be revived and the immortal zero health players.

The freezes of the game are a more mysterious thing, as they only seem to happen occasionally and we still don’t have a real handle on how to reproduce them. We’ll stay on it, though!

The barricade repair issue seems to be a combination of two unfortunate settings: The repairs only work very slow, while the progress bar and the health bar of the barricade overlap, thus preventing the small progress in repairs from becoming visible.
We decided we don’t need a progress bar for repairs (the health bar already shows the progress) and we greatly increased the repair speed. Let’s see if this fixes the issue.

The spear issue also hasn’t been heard of until now; was it only with a specific player? Was the player confirming the attack order and was he moving into combat range, maybe even showing the attack animation, or was he completely ignoring the command at all? Was he showing the “I’m unarmed”-response when ordered to attack? Any details would be useful.

Many thanks!