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Thanks for your feedback; it is really invaluable to us!
Let me adress some of the points that came up:

No safe place: We have initiated some balancing changes for version 0.3.8, which will be released soon and which will hopefully mitigate those issues. During our internal playtests, we had quickly adapted to much more pressing, aggressive playstyle, with pushing towards the lower barricade AND upgrading AND defending it even before the waveof the first night began. This way, we neither had real trouble defending the barricade nor with the food supply.
However, reading your feedback, it is now quite obvious to us that this playstyle was fueled by internal knowledge and experience a new player cannot possibly have, so thanks for setting our heads straight.
Internal testers getting better and better, therefore encouraging quite tough balancing values in order for them to get any challenge at all any more is an all too common problem, for it leaves the unsuspecting beginner without a chance and prone to frustration.

Aggro management: We’ll reduce the time a dreamer will remain vengeful.

Fast Forward the night: This is not the direction we are aiming for. The vision was that the days are used for periods of crafting and exploring in the relative safety of daylight, while the nights were supposed to be crueling and dangerous defense and retreat missions against overwhelming numbers, trying to stave the dreamers off until the first rays of dawn finally grant relief to the survivors. We’re not there yet.
But skipping the “boring nights” will not be an option. We will rather see how we can make nights less boring, the battles really engaging how we can generally add more suspense; and you’ve already made several good suggestions that go in that direction.

We hope this will improve the game experience soon!