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To dos during the night: There is no way I can use the night to disassemble furniture or craft, because the floors are full of dreamers which will eat me immediately. Your suggestions of disassembling or focusing on a single char (because watering raid etc.) only work if there is a safe zone where I can park the other chars in the meantime. And there is no such thing other than the helicopter platform (somewhat safe if no aggro). The initial barricade does little good, as I cannot defend it without spear/ranged weapons, so it simply slows the dreamers down a little bit during the first night. And then it’s gone anyway.

This is also my feeling and experience so far.
I’ve yet to successfully craft a weapon(or anything really), I’ve also got no real defense against dreamers as they’re through the initial barricade almost immediately, and then I’m just stuck on the helipad until morning when they wander off.

I’ve also yet to figure out where to actually obtain water to use with the plants, so I’ve yet to obtain a source of food that isn’t the two cans of soda in the fridge a couple floors down, which is basically irrelevant. Water bottles all seem empty when I find them, and seem unsustainable anyway. I have yet to find a water pipe I can drain, or a fountain or something.

I also feel that my activities at night are pretty limited by not being able to see items. I have noticed lights inside the building come on sometimes, but not always, so a flashlight item would be good to find/craft too. (and batteries I assume)