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Staying fed: Like I wrote, I understand the concept with the plants, but it does not work for me. The plants are really deep down, I have to water them first and then they are so little nutritious. Did you ever calculate whether walking, watering and harvesting really takes less time than it takes to “digest the nutritious outcome” of this one harvest? I feel this needs balancing.
Getting weapons: The gameplay tips state that I should try to arm my chars quickly, so out I set. However, crafting the spiked club was not possible so far because the “wooden pole” needed for the recipe is a super-rare item. I found 1 once, but given that I need wooden poles to upgrade the barricades as well they should be available in abundance.
Aggro management: I understand what you are saying, but that simply does not work for me. Trying to pull aggro with other chars does not work out because I have no weapons with which they can attack (see above). I can run, but as I never lose aggro this means running around for the rest of the game.
To dos during the night: There is no way I can use the night to disassemble furniture or craft, because the floors are full of dreamers which will eat me immediately. Your suggestions of disassembling or focusing on a single char (because watering raid etc.) only work if there is a safe zone where I can park the other chars in the meantime. And there is no such thing other than the helicopter platform (somewhat safe if no aggro). The initial barricade does little good, as I cannot defend it without spear/ranged weapons, so it simply slows the dreamers down a little bit during the first night. And then it’s gone anyway.