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Short answers:
How to not starve: You must get to the floors with plants faster. This is a bit demo-specific, as in the final game, the level setting will be randomly generated, and there will be more sources of food, but for the demo, that’s the way to go.
Withered plants: You cannot revive withered plants, but you can remove them from the pot and plant a new plant by drag’n dropping a fruit into a soiled pot. That way, you can grow new plants.
Watering & Withering: Plants will grow as long as their pot is moist enough. You can hover over a plant to see the moisture level of the pot. Should it ever reach 0, then all plants in that pot will wither. Try to avoid that! Plants have different water requirements – while tomatoes drink a lot, the kumquats are quite frugal. They also offer different values on hunger and healing. Try growing wheat instead of strawberries if you are starving!
Downed Chars: Can be revived by sending other players there. No item needed.
Level Up: Deactivated in this demo.
Aggro: When a char has drawn only a little aggro by standing too close to a dreamer, you can simply leave the floor and he will soon stop chasing you. If you get a real dedicated group, and you don’t have any burst damage weapons yet, and hiding behind the barricade isn’t an option either, you could try and run around while other chars attack the zombies. Either that will kill them or at least draw the aggro of them.
Dropped items: Will remain. The only things that “spoil” at the moment are the plants if not watered.
Dreamer behaviour: We’re not happy with that yet, either. Our original idea was that of a large horde crawling up in the evening, a harsh and merciless fight during the night and a retreat at the first rays of dawn. But during the day, you don’t have to be so afraid of the dreamers on the other side – you can easily bypass them or sometimes even work on a floor they’re passing through.
What to do during the night: That issue never occured to us. There was always enough to do – disassemble some of the pesky furniture you didn’t have time to during the day; go on a plant-watering-raid… I think the confusion comes from the fact that you just hide up on the landing platform; a move which was never intended.
I’m not saying “You’re playing our game wrong!!”; we just never thought of that. Let’s see how we can adress that. Much sturdier barricades? Giving the spear pierce damage, so you can harm several zombies at the same time? Make destroyed barricades repairable? Maybe an auto-attack feature might also help here…
You must stand your ground during the night, not cower like sheep in under the rotors of your helicopter! 😀