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Yeah, wouldn’t be particularly bothered by black bars; that happens. Maybe the option of stretching the game to eliminate them? For me, it’s more that I don’t like being forced to game in a window, unless I choose to. (and windowed mode is good too, especially if pausing makes it in) Doesn’t matter for beta, though good to hear it’s expected to be in final release. 🙂

Yeah, pretty much that, ideally. Something you can pause(tap spacebar like FTL? whatever), look around inspect things, give orders, then unpause to have action resume. If that’s not feasible or desirable, simply being able to pause and inspect things that are presently onscreen would be useful, to see what object is what, even if you can’t interact beyond reading things. Even just a non-interactive pause would be good for allowing more sedate/slow-paced gameplay where you can think about things. Or step away from the game without quitting/dying. (Though the skills button seems to cover that last, maybe put a menu of some variety on the escape key, too. I’d imagine that’s already planned for release though.)

@character hotkeys
I like this idea too.

Maybe this is a feature I’ve not noticed yet, but is there a way to swap inventory between characters beyond dumping it on the ground and picking it up again? Getting enough gear together to craft anything is a bit awkward. Maybe let inventory be drag-and-dropped between characters if they’re close to each other?