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Short answers:
1. Auto-attack: Is planned; at least for all wepaons that do not consume ammo. It might not be in the players interest that all valueable shotgun rounds are wasted on a single dreamer that just stalked by.
2. Auto-Scrolling: Our original implementation was that selecting a chars inventory, he would just be selected without scrolling there; and only by clicking on his portrait in his inventory, the camera scrolls to him. We might get back to that.
3. Click Zones: We’re currently using the bounding boxes instead of pixel perfect mouse over checks, due to performance reasons, but that might no longer be necessary. The helipad is not really intended as a safe zone, so this particular issue seems not so pressing to me, but we had other situations where inaccurate click zones can be terribly annoying:

  • Jes died once between the posts of my barricade. Since the baaricade has hover priority over the char, I could not select her and had to allow the zombies to destroy the barricade in order to get to her
  • Plant are currently notorious for having a far too large click area which often makes it impossible to click other plants or items behind them. Will get fixed.