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Thanks for the feedback so far!

@fullscreen: The game should open in a 640×480 px window, which you can maximize. A true fullscreen mode (that does not show the window frame) is currently not possible; you will get that for the release version though. However, it’s pretty sure that the black bars on the left and right are going to stay. Hope they don’t disturb too much, but I don’t even recognize them after some minutes of playing.

@pause: The game progress should pause when you open the skill menu (button on the top right, under the player inventory). But when you refer to FTL, what you have in mind is a turn based strategy game mode? Where you can scroll around, inspect the building, scan the stuff and plan your next steps? Interesting idea. Will discuss that.

@Glossary: Might come in handy. But maybe the way Don’t starve does it with an external wiki? We shall see.

@Dreamer AI: Yeah, that whole topic is definitly something we’ll have to dive deeper into. Staying up on the landing platform of course is not an option for the whole game; but if it is a strategy which currently makes barricades unnecessary at night, it is something we’ll have to adress.

@character hotkeys: Great idea. We already had exactly that keyboard layout in the debug build, but we removed all keyboard shortcuts, as many debug functions were put onto various keys. Will find its way back into the game soon!

@skill icon cut off: Yep, we know. No easy way to deal with that without changing the whole skilltree; we’ll probably make the skilltree scrollable. Not a perfect solution, but it is the only possible solution anyways if we ever are to add additional skills to the trees.

@aluminium: Outrageous! 😀

Thx, guys!