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First off, great! Glad to see the demo out, congrats!

Suggestions after a few minutes of play:
1. Allow fullscreen mode. (Probably already supported, I’d imagine, but I can’t get it to do so?)
2. Ability to pause the game. (Sometimes I want to step away from a game, or think something over for a bit before acting. FTL’s a good, if more hectic, example of how it should work probably.)

General feedback:
At the moment I’m struggling a bit with figuring out what I need to do what; the icons alone aren’t very clear. Maybe some sort of glossary that you can use for quick reference? May not be required, after all, I’ve just been messing around a few minutes.
Also, not sure if it’s intentional, dreamers seemed pretty irrelevant other than pausing my exploring: If the party just hangs around on the helicopter pad, the dreamers wander up onto the roof but no further, so it just results in twiddling my thumbs for a bit with nothing going on.

Overall, I’m liking things.